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Selling with Hartl Asiatica

Do you want to part with your pieces of Asian art? Have you inherited a collection of Asian Antiques? As one of the largest dealers in Asian art in Germany, we are always interested in buying new merchandise so that your objects can find their way back into good hands.

How does the purchase work?

Gather Information

What kind of object is it?

How big is the object?

Is the object damaged or repaired?

How did the object come into your possession?

Are there any documents relating to it?

Take Photos

Please take informative photos of the object, including detailed photos. Make sure that there is sufficient light. The better the photos, the faster we can help you.

Get in Contact

Please send the collected information and photos to us via email or WhatsApp (see contact).

Alternatively, you can also send photos to our gallery by post. Of course, the easiest way is directly to us in the gallery. 

The First Assessment

Our team of experts will take a very close look at your request and get back to you within a few days to give you our assessment and discuss the rest of the process.

Make an Appointment

To be able to judge authenticity, quality and condition correctly, we have to see the object ourselves. We would be happy to come by your home or you can visit us in our gallery. Shipping is also possible by arrangement.

Our Offer

Due to our experience and knowledge of the market, we can determine the value of an object very accurately and thus make you a fair offer. If you agree, you will be paid or transferred the money immediately.


Please send photos by email, WhatsApp or post or just come by our Gallery:

Erlernen des Umgangs mit dem Smartphone

Do you have any questions?


Call us!

Mon-Fri    10am-6pm

Sa         10-13 Uhr

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